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Monday, September 3, 2012


What does a big family do all summer?  That was the question a friend posed to me at the beginning of the summer.

Have a book published.

Make 5 movies


Host a Christian Film Festival with 250 people in attendance.

Encourage 2 girls to compete in a Bible Bee


Get our home Foster Care Ready finishing 30 hours of training...

Garden and can salsa


Grow awesome sunflowers

Support chik-fil-a


Raise butterflies

Live Laugh and Love

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Who were those kids getting married 22 years ago?  Two people who had not a clue what they were doing.

Duane and I were the best of friends.  We are the best of friends.    During our home studies that is what we continue to tell our social worker; we just enjoy being together so much.

That is what we tell our kids.  The finer points of theology will come, child rearing will come, but being the best of friends that is what makes it enduring.  When God gives you the gift of a spouse that is your kindred spirit, when God gives your marriage grace beyond words, that is what carries a young couple through 8 children, 5 miscarriages and the foster care journey, tough economic times, and lack of work. 

We pray they find godly spouses who they love being with because that is what carries you through.

That and a lot of laughter.... and being left handed!



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