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Saturday, September 28, 2013

High Calling

We are heading to a wedding shower for a very close friend.  My little girls are so excited.  Their best friends will be there, and when you are 9 and 11, best friends are a very good thing.  Still my little Sarah asked, "Will I be able to play with them or talk to them?"  It was another Ah ha moment in motherhood.  They don't know... they need me.  That is my job.  To take them to wedding showers, to show them  how to change baby diapers, to fix hair and teach them to read.  To cook and bake, to be a good friend.  To love Jesus.  This is my high calling.  Praise be to God I am surrounded by other Moms who know it is theirs as well.  Thank you Lord for friends that little girls come to wedding showers and weddings because these are the moments of life that make beauty.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


He is my baby.  My kids know it, and I admit it.  It is different caring for the one you know is your last.  When you grasp how quickly it all passes, you just want to hold them a little extra.  When my oldest was 5, I had three year old twins, a 2 year old and a nursing baby.  Life was busy and sometimes I did not get to hold my babies as much as I would now.  So I take extra pictures of him because I know that 5 is a precious age that it will be gone in a heartbeat.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Pillar cut for a Palace

Not many 19 year old girls can bring over 200 people together for a night of films, family and fellowship, but this one can.  This girl who made me a mother, humbles me with her ability.  How did the baby I held become this amazing woman?

God gives us grace in many ways.  Certainly our salvation, but daily earthly grace has been poured out on Duane and me with the children whom the LORD has given me are signs from the LORD Of Hosts (Isaiah 8:18).

For this night, Michael has bathed in prayer.  It is your night, and we are all so proud of you and so excited.  You are (one of) our pillars cut for a palace, and we are blessed beyond measure.


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