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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Brilliant Idea

This Is our dog kennel! It is very large and dirty! But filled with our four furry friends! Anyway... with your house on the market it is not what you might call attractive!
This is the back the kennel. So our brilliant idea was? Plant peas and beans on the whole thing and let the dogs be shaded and let it look better... maybe!
So here are the peas. We did the trench method from the wonderful book Square Foot Gardening. We planted sugar snap peas and waited. 
Then they grew!!! And all of a sudden Ryan, Erin, and I were out there tying string! The dogs are hungrily eyeing them and we fear for the pea pods when they come in!

These are three of our four dogs. They will seek,eat, and destroy anything!
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