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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden post

Well I was planning to go out and photograph our garden today, but the rain came in and put stop to that idea!!! Our garden however is doing really well! Our okra and tomatoes right now are the strongest, but everything else is doing well! Okra loves the heat so it has taken off! This is our first year to have eggplant and cantaloupe in our garden. The years before this we have always tried but never succeeded! However this year both of those plants are doing really well. We have already eaten quite a few melons and the eggplant is coming in! We have learned quite a few facts on cantaloupe. Here is one... All the books we have read say to harvest your watermelon when it falls off the vine. However we have found to harvest it just before it falls off. This is a little risky because you can't be sure, but over all the fruit will taste ten times better!!!

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