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Friday, September 18, 2009

Land Between the Lakes!! Part 2

The loom was enormous! How many of you think of something this big when you think of a loom? I don't!
A charming photo!

Big beautiful horse!

Those horses were sweet and huge! I loved seeing them!

I love this! Erin got this great shot of Sarah and her favorite animal!

I love the way the house slopes down to the yard. This was a cabin in the pioneer farm we toured!

This was a really funny story! We payed 5 dollars to drive for an hour through the "bison prarie"! Did we see a bison? NO! Then the next day we are out driving and we see 42 for FREE!!!!
These girls are hunting for the coons that stole our hot dog buns!

We had the best time! I am trying to get photos up, but Blogger is not cooperating! Bear with me here!

Anyway we had a great time with our friends!

More later!

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