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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Um, MOM?

I've never told this story but it needs to be told, so here goes... It looks like a lot of writing but bear with me it's worth it.
Mommy said:"Erin will you make bread?"
I say "Sure!"
I go inside and set to work well whilst making the bread and grinding the wheat I say to myself
{I say things to myself a lot}
"What would happen if I took the wheat berries and but them and some water in the glass measuring cup and put them in the microwave and try to cook them like we do rice???"

Well I forgot one emportant thing we cover the rice and we do it in the convection OVEN.
NOT the microwave.
Well some where around 3 minutes I checked on my "wheat rice" well it turns out all the water had evaporated and it was starting to smell just a tad like POPCORN!!!
"Splendid!" Says I to myself. "I will make popwheat!!!"

So I left it in for oh say 5 more minutes and that's when things REALLY got going.
Well first Mommy came in and said "Um.. Erin what's that smell???"

I guess I had gotten used to it because I didn't smell it but it was burning and there was smoke coming out and all.

Well I took it outside and we all stared at it and then Jess said "It looks like it's on fire."
here it goes from bad to worse.
"Hmmm..." I says to me-self "Best remedy that!" So I went and got same nice cold water to put on it and I did and suddenly there was a cracking noise and the glass measuring cup broke into tiny pieces and is no more.
Later my EXTREMELY understanding mother explained to me that sometimes it is best to NOT add COLD water to HOT glass containers.

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