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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I love books, so for Christmas, there were a lot of books. Mrs. Clause chose the presents this year!!

I love the feel of a book when it is new and crisp. When the Sonlight box arrives or the UPS man drops off the Amazon order, I can't wait to open it and see a brand new book.

I will write a book one day in order to be able to feel that sensation!

Still, the books I really love are the ones that are worn out. "Tell me not what a man reads, but what he reads over and over again." Those are the books we have a relationship with.

For us Richard Scarry, Busy Town books are worn out and taped up and worn out again. We have owned and torn and loved more copies of Goodnight Moon than I care to tell you. Our Little House on the Prairie series is missing pages and taped and tattered from being read over and over. Charlotte's Web, Jan Karon's Mitford Series, Anne of Green Gables. These are the books that I love to pick up. We love to read our favorites scenes over and over again.

My Bible, I must say is not as tattered and torn as these. We have a lady at church whose Bible is duct taped together. Now that is a woman you know a lot about. She is far from perfect, but I know where she goes when the days the tough and when the days are good.

Praise the Lord for the written word. Teach your kids that men died that we would one day read the Word whenever we desire. Learn to read and Tolle Lege!

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