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Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 15th is a great day to have a baby especially on January 14th! It, however, does not seem to be a great time to have a birthday once you are a kid.

Sarah has been extremely sick on 3 of birthdays, and when you are only 7 that is quite a high percentage.

This year Sarah has the tried and true flu. You know the one with 103 fever, headache, backache and chills. She has been a trooper and stayed in quarantine though. We set up a monitor and made a wonderful sick room for her. Her wonderful Daddy brought her tulips and a Toy Story Birthday balloon. I read Edith Schaeffer and know all about making this a good memory for her.

Until she is well, the celebration will be quiet. But I celebrate her in my heart because I have lost 5 babies now, and I know that life really is a gift from God. That each breath, each footstep, each moment when I hear those words, "it's a girl, it's a boy" are the moments of life.

There comes this moment when you realize that life is a vapor. There will be no 7th birthday for my 5 little souls in heaven. And yet their birthday was with Jesus. That is a hard concept to grasp when you are earth bound. One day, "we will be like Him, and we shall see Him as He is" then there will be no more tears.

So for the incredible 8 gifts I have on earth, I celebrate life. I teach them to celebrate a God who walked the earth. A God who had a birthday!!! That is what makes our God an incredible God.

A sober birthday post for Sarah. I will make a peppy one for when she is peppy!!!

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Heather said...

And for dear Sarah, I wish her a long and happy life full of serving Jesus - much like my grandmother, who would have been 92 today. You share the day with a very special saint of the Lord. We're praying for you!!!


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