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Monday, October 29, 2012


For some reason, October 29th is always busy.  For some reason, my first born always shares her birthday with an "event".  A "missionary of questionable personality", a miscarriage, a family struggling with missing their mommy.  This year she shared it with a newborn baby - a child for us to care for - if for only a little while (but hopefully not)!

Still she made me a Mommy.  She changed my world.  She changed my world view.  She rocked our world.  We grew up.  The world was no longer about us! 

She is as wonderful at home as she seems to you when you meet her.  She is the most wonderful big sister,  a blessing to our family. 

We kid her: there will be a day that she will take the man she loves to SAMS and try to buy in bulk.  Maybe he too will be from a big family and understand.  For now we take her to SAMS, and we grasp for the few years, the few moments we have left before she spreads her wings to fly.

Daddy and I don't like to think about the day she walks down an aisle, but that is what we want for her.  We want her to know the blessing that they have all been to us. 

For now I will enjoy her every moment.  Much as I did when it was just the three of us running errands together, swimming, walking Clancy.  It was fun then, but it is far more fun now.  For she would not be who she is if it were not for all of the other ones.  They all make us a family.  They all felt her pain today when her birthday was a let down.  They all scurried to make a dinner, cake, presents and bring her laughter. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my precious first!

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Jess!!!



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