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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gardening Souls and Feminism

We have had the most beautiful weather for gardening and it is February! It makes us all eager to begin digging in the dirt again and to see flowers once again.

Behold the crocus which popped its cute yellow head up this week to promise us that winter will pass on and spring is just around the corner.

Still my family is very sick, so we spent most of this weekend with movies and open windows. During this time I had a chuckle as I thought of feminism and all the movement has tried to achieve. On a daily basis I do all the things "they" are striving for in a lifetime. This week my career is nurse. I have 8 patients, I keep up with medicines, fevers, colds, talk to doctors and run a care unit.

I educate, instilling a love of learning for a lifetime. I am chief financial officer and can maintain a budget and have to pay my bills without printing cash (something our government can't do). I am seamstress, memory maker and keeper. I am a chef, florist, gardener and list goes on. Amazingly, when a woman embraces her life calling of keeper of the home, she has every opportunity to try something new every day.

Still the most humorous thing to me is that all the feminist run around trying to do everything men do. I, on the other hand, have done the one thing no man has ever done - given life to another person.

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