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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michael is Turning 1

Why the change to blue background with hand prints? What does that have to do with gardening? Everything because my latest plant is an almost one year old little boy who is to me a reminder of God's constant blessings in my life.

Michael came along after 3 miscarriages and one of those talks where my wonderful Christian OB told me there might not be another little one. He understood our desire for more even though we had more children than most. However things were not looking well for adding another baby in the Pritchett clan.

So there is now Michael. After a special and somewhat challenging pregnancy, labor began. With 6 girls and only 1 boy, we had promised Ryan the Jabba Lego Cruise ship if this baby turned out to be another sister. A man must have his legos if not a brother!!! A quick labor and a baby was born with the cord wrapped around his neck 4 times. The doctor worked quickly and held up a baby for Daddy to announce "Oh my goodness it is a boy."

So we celebrate a life that took a lot of work to get here and has been a reminder of God's constant blessing and grace. Thank you Lord for this little boy. May he know You all the days of his life.

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