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Monday, August 3, 2009


In this time of financial struggles my family is finding the saying, 'it's an ill will that blows no good' is very true! While we are struggling we are drawing so much closer to God! We find that when your circumstances take away your belief in your self you turn to the One you should have trusted the whole time! Isn't it ironic that just when you think God has turned his back on you he reminds you that no it was the other way around!

My uncle a.k.a Pastor Chef gave Mommy George Muiler's diaries as a gift. As she has read them she has been challenged more and more to pray to God for even the smallest things. Most of the time we find it is only when something really bad happens you pray to God. Not when anything occurs that you need.

Well anyway, right now my dad's buisness is really struggling. So my mom has been praying for the means to buy our school books for the year. We have a lot of stuff, but there is some stuff we need.

Mainly we have been praying for Apoligia's Biology book. This book costs about $85 when bought brand new out of a catalog. Right now this is not possible to buy. Obviously!!
So we were praying. Today we took a trip to our local thrift store. We found that book for 3 dollars!!! We were so happy and... and... what more can I say.

Taste and see that the Lord IS GOOD!!!

Posted by Jess


Bria said...

Jess you are getting so good at writing. At first I thought it was your mom! Isn't God good and always providential!

Green Gardening Girl said...

Thank you Bria! Yes the God is so good!

Green Gardening Girl said...

And not just the biology book Jess, but also all the Rod and Staff books Mommy has been praying for!

Sarah B. said...

Isn't it amazing how the Lord works?! It's such a relief to stop worrying about something and just leave it up to the Lord knowing that whatever happens is his Divine Providence in our lives.
Thanks for sharing Jess!


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