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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Double Sided Sweetie!

Shhh Emily is talking. That is what I have to say about Emily. In a family of 10, you really find that you take the one quiet child for granted. When she finally talks, we have to quiet the whole family to listen.

Emily is a joy to be around. She has always been so much fun and such a sweet blessing from the Lord. Emily is one who epitomizes still water runs deep. When you take time to sit and talk to Emily, you find that her life is full of thoughts and ideas and dreams.

Emily's greatest love for her first 11 years was to draw or crochet while listening to books on tape. Then her reading abilities caught up to her years and now she reads all the time. She will curl up with a book on many a cold winter day, and we want hear a peep from her for hours.

Emily's hidden talent is art. She really is quite good with drawing and especially painting. It is amazing to see her work with so little effort. I hope one day you will be blessed to see her work too. (We are planning a children's book). :)


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