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Friday, April 30, 2010

Real life or blog life?

Have you ever noticed that everyone's life looks so wonderful through her blog posts? Sometimes I read blogs and think, "Wow she is incredible. Her family is perfect and she does creative things with them all day long." We must remember that life is not always as easy as it looks on the blog. Most of the time whether on blogs or in photo albums, we record the best parts of our lives.

Two of the blogs I love the most are of my friends. I like to see their lives because I know they are real moms who struggle with the same emotions I do. I like knowing at the end of the day, they brought some beauty into their little world.

Then I look at my blog or at my kids' blogs, I realize, "Wow, my family is incredible." They are the perfect family for me because they are the children and husband that God has given me. So usually I stop looking at blogs for awhile, and I take my kids on a walk, or we picnic for lunch or we take the quilt out under the tree and read books and paint and laugh.

Then I go home and blog about it!!!

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