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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best of Festival

Best of Festival!!!!

The movie that walked away with the award for

Best of Festival
Uncovering Truth!!!

Produced by Kathryn and Nathaniel Henriques with Oak Mountain Productions.

Their other awards were:
Runner Up: Best Screenplay
Runner Up: Cinematography and Editing
Runner Up: Best Costumes
Winner: Best Directors (team)
Winner: Emily Henriques - Best Actress
Runner Up: Tom Speers - Best Actor
Winner: Best of Festival

Below is a Vimeo movie with clips from their film. As their film is 60 minutes long it is not available right now! :)

This film is one hour long and was the winner for Best of Festival in the 2010 Plants and Pillars Film Festival.

It was produced by Oak Mountain Productions.

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