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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photos, Photos, and more Photos and yet more PHOTOS!!!

160 attendees

Wonderful photo of the Henriques

Erin and Jessica

Tom Speers - Runner Up for Best Actor

Emily Henriques - Best Actress

Rachel Pritchett - Runner Up for Best Actress

Nathaniel and Kathryn - Best Directors

Ashley Tucker - Producer of both the Runner Up and the Winner in the Comedy Category

Rachel Pritchett - Winner of Best Costumes

Jakob Blankenship - Best Actor

Nathaniel Henriques - Runner Up for best Screenplay

Jessica Pritchett - Runner Up for Best Director

Runners Up for Cinematography and Editing

Jonathan Miller - Best Slideshow of Festival

Erin Pritchett - Best Photography

Timothy Winstead receiving for Jef Park the award for Most Educational/Informative Slideshow

JoHannah Miller - Most Personal Slideshow

Halley Hancock filled in for the Oregon Families and received their awards and medals.

Josiah Blakenship - Best Young Sound Effects/ Scary Monster

Ryan Pritchett - Best Young Director

Jamie Pritchett - Winner of Best Young Actress

Sarah Pritchett - Runner Up for Best Young Actress

Michael Pritchett - Winner of Best Young Actor

Rachel Winstead - One of the wonderful Judges

Need I say more?

Our Thank You to all the Judges!!!~

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