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Monday, October 25, 2010

Organic Fertilizer for A Healthy Garden.

This past Saturday Super Dad and Ryan headed out to a friend of a friend's farm and loaded up with a big load of horse manure for our garden. This all natural fertilizer is wonderful for the garden as it composts leaving behind all the nutrients our baby plants will need in the year to come.

Sure, it doesn't sound that fun. But, it is one step forward to delicious and homegrown food. We already had our garden pretty much ready for winter. Because we live in the South our pepper plants are still hanging in there, but everything else is pretty much gone. Our potatoes suffered from the drought, so we only got one wagonload instead of two. We also planted onions and I am hoping to get the lettuce started soon!!

Super Dad works Hard!

Ryan is Super Brother and worked so hard.

The Best mom in the world!

And Rachel who went in and made an award winning blueberry pie for the contest that night when she was done here!

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