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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mothering 16

This is my new family.  We adopted 8 more kids this week.  For now anyway.  Their mommy needed some pretty serious surgery, and my family has been blessed beyond measure to have the Smith Family in our home.

If I could choose 8 kids to adopt into my family, it would be these kids.  We have older girls with my older girls,  middle girls for my middle ones and lots of little boys for my boys.  And a baby in the house again!

For now their mommy is healing and their baby sister is growing in a NICU, and we are loving needing 2 big vans to go anywhere. 

For the body of Christ who has come forth and fed this crew, and prayed for this crew and for Mrs. P next door who has taught us a lot about diabetes, we are forever grateful.
To our Lord who has restored friendships after a very hard few years, we give Him all the glory.

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