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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Are You Harvesting The Fall

What are you doing for your garden today? Yes in the middle of November your garden cannot be forgotten. It is Fall and that is your reminder. Falling leaves everywhere. All over your town or city, people are raking up your greatest source of "brown" for your compost. Until I started this agrarian journey, all I knew about leaves is that they turn pretty colors and then fall off the trees. We had spent many homeschooling nature walks finding beautiful colors, making rubbings and discussing photosynthesis.

Now leaves mean beautiful things to me. While men are out raking and groaning, I come driving up asking for their leaves. Just the other day, I saw this man out raking and bagging leaves. How nice of him to do that for me!!! When I asked if I could take the leaves, he enthusiastically said,"Yes!" He was glad to be rid of them, and I am glad to have them.

Why does woman want leaves you ask? For compost of course! I will explain more about that this week. For now, get out there and collect those leaves. Just remember someone else is doing the hard part for you!


Word Warrior said...

Aha! I found you! (Thanks to Stephen Boyd ;-)

Love the blog!

I'll be watching for yurt posts.

Rebekah said...

I found you, too! (From Stephen's comment on Kelly's blog! ;-) I will be reading along! Yea!

I am at www.intheheartofourhome.blogspot.com.


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