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Thursday, November 6, 2008


I know there are still great things I am suppose to be growing in the fall, but being "green" I think I will wait until next year for the advanced stuff. Still we are making our seed list and this year I believe we will not order from a catalog company, but more of a family farm with heirloom seeds. It seems that with heirloom plants, the seeds that come from them will actually produce food. Amazing. Isn't that what God intended seeds to do anyway?

Seeds really are amazing. From one seed we can produce several watermelons with several hundred seeds in them. Now I just must figure out how to save seeds from year to year. We are trying to save flower seeds this year. Rachel is the flower girl and she has been diligent to harvest, dry and store flower seeds. Watch out if she comes to your garden. The other day at her grandparents, she was dead-heading all their black eye susans!!

By the way for the true novice, there is nothing better than zinnias and sunflowers your first year. They grow like crazy and their bright colors brighten your first garden attempts.

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cvntdaddy said...

You're still cute. Cute kids too. Their daddy must be quite handsome.


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