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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween vs. Reformation? Part One.

Part One will deal with what we do in place of Halloween. Part two will deal with what we do on Halloween!

OK I am just going to lay it out there... personally think Halloween is a very silly (if not dumb) holiday. I am not going into detail, but why celebrate a holiday about dead people? And not about the place where they went (heaven I hope) but about dead people that came back form the dead. (And I ain't talking the Resurrection here guys!!!)
Well at our church we celebrate, All Saint's Day a.k.a. Reformation day. We celebrate in memory of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Martin Bucer. It is so much fun. On the Sunday closest to October 31st we have a party at our church! How much fun is that!

Who out there has a reformation party? Let us know!!! Come on, host a reformation party this year!

1 comment:

Strang Family said...

We already did ours!! Lord willing we will get the pictures soon from a friend and will post about it!


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