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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let Music Ring!

Until last year we had always wanted to play music. Piano, violin, cello... We loved it all! At our church there are 4 violins, one cello, a trumpet, and a piano! As you can imagine our musical desire was only fed in this type of environment! Well we prayed long and hard and the Lord gave us a piano for free through several families in the church. Now we really wanted to play! As we taught ourselves the first two years of piano we fell in love with music! We all started wanting to add violin to our "repertoire" and our sweet parents gave us two violins for Christmas. Two weeks later when a different family at church heard of our need they gave us a beautiful violin free as well!

Well, now we had the fiddles, but we were lacking the teacher! The Lord gave us Bria! As sweet a girl as you will ever meet! She was more than willing to empart her great wisdom to us!

Praise the Lord for our four violins (we just bought another one), our piano, and our teachers! Did I mention Emily L.? She is as sweet as they come and she teaches us piano!


Bria will tell you she is not any good, but her pupils know better! :)

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