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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mother in the making

How can a mother ever explain the love she has for the child who made her a mother? I can remember when Jessica was born and this incredible love that just swept over me. All the feminists of the world have lied when they tell a generation of women that any moment in a career can be better than the moment you and your husband bring a living soul into this world.

To say I had zero idea what I was doing when I had Jessica would be to overestimate my abilities. I was raised to dream of a career, and so I was unprepared for the sacrificial roll as a mother that God had planned for me. I read and I struggled. I listened to Christian speakers, and I sought Christian fellowship. And God... That is what all my children must know... that I struggled and GOD did an amazing work in each of them in spite of me.

So I have Jessica, who is God's grace in my life. She is a leader to a big family of siblings, and they love her. She is kind and compassionate. She is patient when her parents are not. She is quiet and shows wisdom beyond her years.

Jessica has been able to read since very early, and she is the one who can say to me, "Mommy, I don't think this book is appropriate."

When I was on complete bed rest with twins Jessica was one. She was so sweet and so understanding. When I had a nursing baby and 2 year old twins, she would put them to bed at nap time and teach them songs she learned at Sunday School.

Jessica may not tell the jokes and pull the pranks Erin does, or try the crazy things Rachel and Erin and Emily will, but she is a strength in this mother's life. For that I am thankful.

~The Loving Mother~

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Lena said...

Hi my name is Lena, and I am visiting you from Generation Cedar. Its amazing that you are blessed with 6 girls. I have 3 girls, and my husbands hopes that the next time I am pregnant, it will be a boy. God bless you.


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