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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Renaissance Girl - Daughter, Maestro, and Chef

It seems that all my friends are writing about their wonderful daughters; and since I have six incredible daughters, I felt that they need to know how great I think they are.

I have decided to start with Erin because she is the one who said, I wish my mom would write about how great we are when she read about Taylor.

Erin, Maestro, as she likes to be called, is the "music" girl of the family. She eats, breathes and hears music constantly. For that I am amazed and grateful.

She blesses my life with laughter and humor. Erin listens for the funny in a situation and crafts the perfect joke.

Her most amazing talent though lies in the kitchen. She is baker extraordinaire. Erin can create the most beautiful pies from home ground wheat and butter. It is really quite amazing. When I could only think of myself at 14, I am amazed because Erin can bake bread, create pies, and put together 3 beautifully displayed meals a day for 10 people.

Oh and the part I forgot, she does it all while caring for her 1 year old brother. He loves to bake with Erin, she is far more patient than I could ever dream of being.

I love her, and am blessed by God to have this gift of a girl

~The Mommy~


Joy said...

Very sweet!

Just A Family said...

ahhh....how sweet!!

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