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Monday, March 29, 2010

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel

Yes, I have 6 daughters, and they are most eager that I write about each of them. Up now, I have Rachel - Erin's twin (by birth only). Rachel is my second born, and many say she is the only one that looks like her mother! Sorry Rach! Erin and she are the most different of any of our kids.

Rachel is definitely her own person. She goes in to the craft room and whips up a skirt which she designed. She knits and crochets and is the one who saves all of our projects when we drop or skip a stitch. She can grow an incredible garden of flowers and works tirelessly in her garden.

This is my daughter with as many interests as I have. The only difference is she is not reserved about trying something new. Where fear of failure would have held me back, I see that Rachel can do so much because she is willing to try so much. God has given Rachel an ability to enjoy the world.

Her greatest gift to our family is her incredible work ethic. Rachel will come in to the kitchen and just start putting away dishes or cutting fruit or any of the numerous things that need to be done. She quietly and quickly gets a job done.

She can beat any of us at any sport, but she especially likes to trounce us at running and soccer.

The funniest moments are when I see her respond to her daddy the same way I do. He mutters something about having two of us in the house now, but he says it in a way that we all know he loves Rachel's cut and dry view of the world! Then he says something about having a long talk with her future husband!

~The Loving Mother~

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