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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Emily, what an amazing gift you are to me, to our family, to anyone who meets you. Sweet, quiet, gentle. I love you. To God I give thanks for the gift of you.

I love to see you with Michael and how much he adores you. I love to see you playing in the pool with the little girls like you are still 6! I love to see you faithfully believing in your ridiculously hard headed dog.

I know you have stood in the middle for all these years. Being with the older girls sometimes and yet still wanting to be with the young ones. Has it been hard for you? I think it has, but it has made you so great with little kids. They just follow you around and so many moms tell me how wonderful you are with their kids.

Four teen age girls. I would not have wanted 4 teenagers like I was, but you 4 girls are the most incredible kids I could have dreamed of. You are full of laughter and kindness. Your are creative and intelligent. You are musical and attentive. I pray God will bring men who rise up and call you blessed (but not any time soon)!


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