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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sweet sweet Emily! Today she turns 13. She is a teenager. She is an young adult and she is a beautiful young lady. Here are 13 things about our sweet girl.

  1. When Jamie was a baby she called her "MeMe" It stuck. I still call her that.
  2. Her middle name is Grace. It suits her perfectly.
  3. She plays violin and piano.
  4. She is a wonderful artists. Her baby dragons are so round and cuddly I could hug them.
  5. Her sweet disposition is a joy to all of us.
  6. She loves her huge oversized Golden Retriever/ Lab mix.
  7. She reads anything she can and she reads fast.
  8. She likes her school work.
  9. *At the age of two she proudly talked about all the things her "other mother" would let her do. (Ex. Stay up late, eat ice cream before bed, watch TV)
  10. When she was three our friends loved to ask her what her name was, she always replied "Emily". And then when asked her name, "3"
  11. Again at the age of two, she acquired a small wart on her thumb. When the tree men came to remove a tree in our yard, she proudly introduced herself by holding up her thumb and proclaiming, "I have a wart!"
  12. When she was 8 she made a canning jar into a piggy bank and gave it to our grandfather. When asked what he was supposed to do with it she replied, "Fill it up and give it back!"
  13. She has a sweet, gentle, and loving spirit. The man who wins her hand and heart has won a treasure.

I love you MeMe,

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