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Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Brothers!!!

Why do I love my brothers? Because they are what make me laugh when I am sad, they cheer me up when I am sick, they laugh with me, and they mean so much to me. Ryan was number 5 after 4 girls. Then 2 more girls came along. He was so sweet with us. We carried him around like a big baby doll and he never complained! Michael is our blessing, after Mommy had miscarried three times we didn't think there would be any little Pritchetts! But God was - oh-so-good and along came Michael!! It is fitting that his name means "Who is like God?" . 
Where would be with out our brothers? Not very far! There are a lot of times I turn to Ryan and ask him, "do you have your knife?". And he does and he comes and cuts it for me! 
This is what God gave brothers to us for. Companionship and friends!

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