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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today while we were finishing up lunch and our chores, Ryan was singing a song he made up...
"8 little hedgehogs sitting in a tree. One fell out and broke his knee. Mamma called the doctor, and the doctor said, "no more hedgehogs sitting in the tree!" Etc, Etc. 
The Rachel started singing it, except, she made the doctor say "Why are your hedgehogs  in the tree?" Ryan turned to her and said," You can't sing that! It's my song!" Rachel told him she had changed some words. To this he replyed, "You can't change words! It's T M! It's Ryan's Hedgehog song T M" "What's T M?" "Text - Mark." "No! Trade Mark! TM is for trade mark!"


Bria C. said...

LOL!!! ROTL!!! I had no idea Ryan was like that!!!

Chris said...
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