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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ryan's Arm

Well last night at 7:00 we were in the kitchen making dinner when we heard Ryan start repeating over and over, "it's broken! Get Mommy!" We thought he was pretending and just laughed and went back to work. When he didn't stop I went out to check on him, I picked him up to tickle him for scaring us and saw his wrist. Half of it was a lump and the other half was sunken. I looked at Mommy and said, "It's really bad." 

We ran and got Daddy, put Ryan on the sofa, and called the hospital. 10 minutes later Ryan, Daddy, and Emily were on their way down town to Childrens. We at home ate a cold quiet dinner and prayed for our little man. 

Daddy kept emailing us from his phone with updates and calling us. Our Dr. said from Mommy's phone description it sounded as if two bones were broken and the growth plate. If this were the case it could mean surgery to put in pins. But - Praise the Lord! He is Good! - around 11:00 Daddy called to say they were about to put him to sleep to set the bone. He didn't need surgery. He had only broken one bone. And a cast made everything right. So.... they were home at 12:30 trying to find food as they had missed dinner. This morning Ryan is up and laughing!


Bria C. said...

I am so glad there was no surgery involved!!! We were praying for Ryan last night. Ashton has been concerned as well. I hope he gets better, and that his wrist has no pain.

Green Gardening Girl said...
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Green Gardening Girl said...

Yes Ryan is feeling better, although he is a little sad. We Thank the Lord it was not his growth plate and involved surgery!!!


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