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Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Family Garden!!

Thanks to our good friends at Teaching Good Things we are going to join with other novice and advanced gardeners to learn and celebrate our meager beginnings in our gardens.  The kids are so excited to be a part of a blog contest.  See the side bar to join in on the contest.  From containers to rows and rows of corn, you can be a part of the "From Seeds to Harvest" Gardening Challenge.

This has totally become an entire family project! (Even the dogs are involved!!!)

Our peppers and marigolds in neat little rows!
Our tomatoes with a glimpse of the beans behind them.
Our entire garden. 
Complete with dog pen, play house, and our giant "tower" in the back.

1 comment:

Just A Family said...

We love your garden!
Mama said that she challenges you to do the no air conditioner or oven but once a week... :-)

We will be back!

The White's


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