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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have been challenged by my wonderful daughter to post about brothers.  Until my husband came along (and even a few years into our marriage) I was convinced without a doubt that my brother was the greatest man in all the world.

Today, (he does fall in line properly after my husband), I know that he is one of the great men of the world.  When I was a child, we spoke and did as children, now we speak as adults.  So for the years of memories of reading to me, taking me to Rick Springfield concerts, and telling mom and dad they had given away my favorite dog, I love him.  Today, though, I love him more.  For the discussions of grace over legalism, loving people more than loving the law, for caring for my family I love him greatly.  

I love him most because he is my brother in Christ and for eternity we will worship the same Lord.

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