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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Grandmother's Gift!!!

This past week our maternal grandmother (GG) came down from Tennessee to celebrate my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday!!! :) Anyway as her gift she helped us make container gardens. We went to Lowes and after an hour of talking with the lady from Lowes we came home with all our stuff. We also made hanging baskets for the porch. In the hanging baskets are some Calibrachoa. And as soon as I find the tags that they came with I will tell you what the other plants are! :) So... let's hear it for a fun gift from GG!

This is our grandmother. It was taken at Christmas, but I forgot to take a picture of her this trip!

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Bria C. said...

How fun!!! I just love planting things and watching them grow. Do you mind post some pictures of your garden and tell what is in it???


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