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Friday, June 19, 2009

Homeschooling - an excuse or a gift?

" Are these all yours?" (No! We picked them up on the side of the road!")
"You have your hands full!" ("Not as full as I would like!)
"Is this your daycare?" (No! Do people usually bring their daycare to the grocery store?")
"Hey you still have all your hair!" (No Comment!")

These are the comments that we hear from people as we walk through the world. These are the comments that we hear all the time! It has gotten so that when Erin sees people counting us in the store she holds up eight fingers and says, "yes it is eight!" Then they gape at us as we pass.

Of all the comments we hear the most common are the four I posted above. But there is one more... The "So where do y'all go to school?" question. Then there is the pause then we say we homeschool. Then they stare at us... and stare... then they say, Oh.

After we tell them that most usually drop it, a few ask how we like it (We say we love it.), And then some say, "Really that's wonderful!" (We love those people)
And then the other day we were at the store and we were talking to young lady in her twenties. We told her we were homeschooled and she answered in a way I had never heard before. She said, "Oh so do you get to sleep in?" And I just stared, because I was shocked that that was what our society has come to - that they think we homeschool just to let our kids sleep in! Not to keep them out of the school system! Not so they can enjoy the world around them. Not so they can learn about God! But so that they can sleep in!

What a bad reputation!

This is not aimed at the kids who DO sleep in, but at the people who think that's the only point of homeschooling!

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