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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Our Vacation!" Part One

Daddy and Mr. Marsh are such good friends!
Ryan being a good sport
Sarah and her friend
My parents and brothers (well you can't see Michael)
These next photos may be hard to see, but they are Hannah Marsh, Daniel Marsh, and Mr. Marsh jumping off the cliff!

Jamie and Rebekah had a really fun time!
Daddy and Michael
Rachel and Sarah

This post is way overdue! Sorry!!! A couple of weeks ago we went with our sweet friends the Marshes to a state park for a hike, swim, canoeing, and a picnic. It was so much fun! We took a long hike (well maybe not so long) then the little kids swam while the Marshes jumped off the cliff into the water. The cliff was about ten feet high. Maybe? Anyway! Then we hiked back to canoe for a while. That was fun! We (the Pritchetts) had never been canoeing before, but the Marshes had

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