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Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Garden Update!!! - Part Two

Wheat from our backyard. It really is wheat! And we really can eat it. And we really don't know where it came from!
Our bulbs we had to dig up to make room for the strawberries!
One giant sunflower.
Our Rudbeckia garden. It is so beautiful in the fall when it blooms.
Note: The tilled land in the photo above is our neighbor's garden!
Little Zinnias
A long row of flowers ready to burst into bloom.
My (Jessica) herb garden-off to a rocky start, but doing OK now.
More herbs
Onions - soon to be through
Erin's sweet "taters" and "normal taters"
Bean plant and bean pod
And more tomatoes!

Here is the rest of our garden in photos. It is having a hard time right now in the heat, but it's trying! It is a lot of fun to go out in our yard and see all the little plants growing up. Very exciting! We have two banana peppers, cucumbers, and squash. We also have zinnias and bush beans.


indi69's blog said...

hello, the tomato-plants are looking good, how was the harvest of them in the meantime? many many greetings from a plant-freak from germany and may god bless you and your family.


Strang Family said...

How is your garden doing now?? Here in the Pacific Northwest, ours is just in "high season" and we are loving our veggies!
The Strang Family


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