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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peanut Butter!

As if we did not have enough nuts in the house we bought some!!! Just Kidding! Really though we did buy an enormous bag of peanuts at the farmer's market and tried the peanut butter!
  1. We first shelled them
  2. Then we seperated the chaff and nuts
  3. Then in the food processor we did about 2 cups of nuts with... oil, salt, and honey. We found you have to "eyeball it" for the amount if you need sweeter peanut butter do more honey.
  4. We found that because our nuts were pre-salted we didn't need to add salt and we needed more honey.
  5. When we first started using whole wheat we thought it had a strange flavor, now we think white flour tastes odd. The same goes for this, at first it tastes strange!

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