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Friday, June 12, 2009

"Our Vacation!" Part Two

Michael's Hero
Ryan's Friend

Ryan and Joseph
Hannah and Rachel
Joseph Marsh teaches Michael Joseph
Rebekah and Emily
Rachel, Jamie, Sarah, and Myself
Me (Jessica)
Rachel taking a break
Rachel and Mr. Marsh give advice!
Daniel Marsh,Jamie Pritchett, Rebekah Marsh, and Emily Pritchett
Erin Pritchett, Elizabeth Marsh, Sarah Pritchett, Rachel Pritchett
Mr. Marsh gives lessons while Michael demonstrates. 

Part two of our "vacation"! By the way I put vacation in parentheses because it was only two hours away! So here are they last of the photos hope you enjoy!


Bria C. said...

So y'all went camping together?! How fun! I would love to go right now, but considering my beautiful big mother, it would be rough.

Green Gardening Girl said...

Well it was a belated camping trip! We really didn't "camp" there was no tent or overnight stay! But it was fun!


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