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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Joe-Joe loves blackberries by Emily

Michael loves blackberries.

He and Rachel had lots of fun!
Oh! They are so good!
Michael thinks these are very good! And he can't wait until we make blackberry ice cream tonight.
That one didn't taste too good! Maybe try again?


Jess said...

Yummy Blackberries!! Another one of God's gifts to those who dwell down South! We're goin' pickin' tonight (black and blueberries), so you may seem some berry pics of us purty soon. :)

Green Gardening Girl said...

Yes! God's gift of berries and brothers!
Are your berries wild? Ours are! When we moved in three years ago we didn't know they were there... and then we found them! We would love wild blueberries, but... alas we don't have them.


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